Holistic Medicine Doctor (India)

Ph.D. Musictherapy (India)

Palliative Care University Expert (Spain)

Lic. Educational Management(Argentina)





You may know me as AMÓNADA ZEON, my artist name.  I am a therapist, book author and singer-songwriter. My professional therapeutic training concentrates on comprehensive patient treatment through different forms of holistic therapy and self-help methods as complement to conventional medical treatments.




For longer than a decade, I had to transit myself the long way through disease. These painful years, until the correct diagnostic and treatment were finally assessed, taught me how relevant it is to become an "active-patient" in the healing process. More than anything else, I learned to listen to my own body and discovered how much we can achieve by ourselves when we develop a deeper awareness and knowledge of our internal processes.

From 2010 to 2015, I worked as Specialized Therapist for Sound-Music Therapy and consultant in Alternative Medicine Techniques as complement to conventional medical treatment for the Greifswald Medical University. Starting by a Hospice residential practice, I was later assigned a position at the Palliative Care Unit, where I also took part in the Palliative Care Educational Programme as Lecturer. See Curriculum Vitae.


I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1972 and initially graduated there with degrees in Educational Management (2003); Literary-Scientific Translation (1996); Language Teaching (1999) and parallel studies in Music and  Alternative Medicine.
From 2001 to 2005, I moved to Vienna, as a guest singing student with Prof. Hubert Deutsch, former director of the Vienna Opera House. 
Carrying on with Alternative Medicine studies, I graduated later through distance studies in Calcutta as Ph. D. in Music Therapy (2009) and Holistic Medicine Doctor (2012). In the last years, I specialized as University Expert in Palliative Care in Spain (2015).