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 Integrative Art-Music Therapy Sessions
    Integrative Palliative Therapeutics
                Interactive Concerts
                    Sound Massage.
    Singing Therapy and Vocal formation.
    Ambulant Programmes for hospitals,
       residential homes, schools, etc. 
                 Self Help Methods 
            Workshops and Seminars.
              Workshops and Seminars 
                     for Therapists.


Distance Study Workshops.


Used as therapeutic tools, sound and colour represent a type of vital energy which, when interacting with our organism, is capable of awaken deep responses at emotional, mental, and physical levels. Through sound and colour, new environments and atmospheres can be created; different states of mood can be triggered and specific feelings can be evocated. 


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Artistic and musical activities represent a means of expression where subtle emotional contents can be manifested with no need for a direct linguistic link. In this type of therapeutic process, correcting or reflecting are not necessary, for it is the manifestation itself what becomes the starting point in the healing process. 
Artistic or musical training on the patient´s part is not required.  Therapy through art and music does not focus on results or on the artistic quality of the resulting work, but in the activity process itself and the patient´s emotional and energetic involvement. 


Integrative therapy through art and music offers an alternative way to work on emotional and energetic blockages avoiding undesirable side effects. 

The term "integrative" means that art and music are applied in combination with other therapeutic techniques such as: 

                Colour and Light Therapy
                            Hand Yoga
          GIM ( Guided Imagery and Music )
             Progressive Muscle Relaxation
                             Reiki, etc.