Workshops are aimed for patients, caregivers, therapists and even institutions wishing to train their members.


Our online workshops consist of 2 blocks of 2 teaching hours (45 min.) each.   


Classes, held via Zoom or Google Meet, are live and interactive

so that all questions can be answered. We do not teach via pre-recorded videos.


 The price is for each block of 4 hours and not per participant. The capacity of each block is up to 8 participants.


Participation in the workshops includes receiving a certificate of attendance,

all the studied material in PDF format, and the offer to take part in our active groups for follow-up consultations. 


The topics in each block will be geared to the specific needs of each group. 



Have a look at our current list of workshops or contact us if you would like us to tailor a specific programme for your institution. 



Current Workshops:


  • Music and Emotions: We discover how music influences psychological processes, the nervous and immune systems and its possible effect on our health.


  • Tibetan Singing Bowls: A meeting to learn about the power of sound massage and its possible applications.
  •  Musicolor: A set of different creative workshops that combine art therapy and music therapy in an encounter with our hidden emotions and our power of expression. 
  • Reflexology: We learn to read the basic reflex zone maps and discover a few activation techniques for self-treatment. 
  • Vocal Therapy: This workshop consists of several instances. It is actually a progressive training aimed at slowly discovering the vibrational energy of the sound produced by our own voice and how to apply it for self-knowledge and self-help.  
  • Complementary Techniques in Palliative Care: Several instance workshop. Aimed at therapists, nurses, caregivers, patients' relatives, etc. It offers different possibilities to improve the quality of life in the last days by managing pain, anguish, and trying to provide holistic support for both the patient and their close circle.

Online Workshop (4 hours)

The price of the workshop is per block of 4 hours (45 min.) with a capacity of up to 8 participants per block.

360,00 €

  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days1