Sansula sound massage: Significant response differences in glioblastoma versus other palliative care patients
Sound therapy, particularly vibroacoustic therapy (VAT), has emerged as a promising alternative approach utilizing sound vibrations and music for therapeutic benefits. This article delves into the application of sound and vibration in palliative care therapeutics, focusing on the broader field of vibrational medicine. Such interventions explore the potential synergies between sound therapy, vibration, and conventional treatments to enhance patient care. This particular case focuses on the use of the Sansula, a musical instrument similar to a kalimba, for sound massage sessions in palliative care and the particularly "painful" effect it had on glioblastoma patients.
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Alternative Medicine Approach to Integrative Music Therapy Eng-Sp FULTENA Bilingual Edition
Integrative Music Therapy, in combination with different alternative therapy techniques such as chromo therapy, reflex zone massage, reiki, sound massage, and chanting resulted in a positive treatment of a paediatric patient suffering from incomplete cervical disconnection caused by a traffic accident. Along a course of sixteen sessions, during the tensive care hospitalization period, the patient evolved showing improvement not only in the communicational field, but also in re gaining physical response to external stimuli.
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